The Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (“TeAM”) has been formed by a group of Malaysian Technopreneurs to further the interests of Technopreneurs and to assist in the development of the technology based industry in Malaysia. 

Membership to TeAM is open to all individuals related to technology industry in Malaysia. Membership to TeAM is divided into 3 types namely, Member, Honorary Member and Student Member. Since its founding, TeAM’s efforts in accelerating the adoption, growth and development of the ICT industry in Malaysia has resulted in a number of successful key initiatives such as the Cradle Investment Programme (CIP), Excite the Entrepreneur Programme, TeAM Clinic, Malayisan ICT Trade Directory (with Matrade), MSC Global Technopreneur Forum 2004 (with MDeC formerly known as MDC) among others.At the same time, TeAM takes an active role in fostering ICT development efforts in support of initiatives by the Government of Malaysia to make Malaysia a major ICT and Biotechnology player in the region. TeAM annually participates in the Malaysian Government’s annual budget dialogue and proposed ideas and initiatives to enhance the technopreneur sector in the country.


The mission objectives of the Technopreneur Association of Malaysia are:

page-about-02To act as a Think-Tank and as a Voice for Malaysia SME Technopreneurs.
page-about-03To facilitate the professional development of members and industry in general.
page-about-04Dedicated to community education and bridging the digital divide.
page-about-05To assist in the development of an indigenous Digital of Knowledge-based economy in Malaysia.
page-about-06Provide the means for addressing issues affecting Technopreneurs and to initiate, watch over, petition and take whatever action as may seem desirable in relation to legislative or other measures affecting Technopreneurs and its Ecosystem.
page-about-07Hold conferences and meetings for the reading of papers and delivery of lectures, and the acquisition and dissemination by other means of information connected with the profession of Technopreneurs.
page-about-08Afford opportunities for social contact amongst members and other parties interested in Technopreneurship.

To be the Voice of Technopreneurs and to enhance the ecosystem for all Technopreneurs by identifying, and formulating policy proposals for the relevant stakeholders and lobbying for these proposals to be incorporated as policies for the betterment of Technopreneurs and the ecosystem.


Empowering Technopreneurs. Advancing Ecosystems



Advancing the technopreneur ecosystem
by influencing policy, enhancing competencies and
providing linkages & expertise.



Ecosystem. Empowered !