What are the benefits to join us as a member?

  • Meet with us to discuss about your Funding Need
  • Discounted rate at most of our paid events
  • Exclusive invitation to certain non-public events organised by government agencies or partner organisations
  • Connecting and introducing partners
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Welcome to TeAM!

Please fill out this form to become a member of TeAM. Please ensure that all the fields have been filled out. Please view our constitution if you have questions on TeAM’s membership options.

All cheques must be made out to ‘Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia’. Your membership cannot be completed until we have received your full details and full payment of your annual fees.

You may sign up for more than one year. For a fee of RM1000, you will be given a lifetime membership.

Membership Options

The following are the different types of membership available in TeAM.

Ordinary MembersRM100/annum

Technopreneur or an individual in a supporting role including Venture Capitalists, Investors, Educationists, Government or Semi-Government personnel, personnel of Non-Governmental bodies and other interested parties.
Student MembersRM30/annum

They comprise students in any tertiary institution, in any field associated to business, management, technology or ICT.

Please note that all information that you provide in this form will be kept strictly confidential. Finally, all members, in submitting their membership forms, agree to abide by the code of conduct and rules of the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia.

Thank you very much for your interest in TeAM.

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