Professional Development

Mar 05

Presentation slides for previous events and activities

Product Market Study – ICT Market in Thailand

Product Market Study – Multimedia & Digital Contents Market in Japan

Grow and engage with more customers via Social Media

Indonesia Digital Landscape Study 2012

Growing web business in Jakarta

Internet Market in Indonesia

Product Market Study – ICT Market in Vietnam

Product Market Study – ICT Product & Software in China

Doing ICT Business in China

TeAM Programme 2012: Go Global Project

Going Global with MATRADE – A Presentation to TeAM

MSC Malaysia Innovation Voucher Handbook

Technology Commercialisation Program for Mobile Business

Market Access into United States and Singapore

Doing things Lean – for Startups and Investors

MSC Malaysia Go Global Directory 2010/11

Go Global talk series-Japan & North Korea – 3 months before and 3 months after entering Japan market

Go Global talk series-Japan & North Korea – IT Landscape and Talent Opportunities in DPRK

Product Market Study – Thailand’s Market for ICT

Product Market Study on Philippines BPO Industry (Oct 2010)

Go Global talk series-China – Do’s and Don’ts in Doing Business in China

Go Global talk series-US – Creating a plan of attack

Overview on Roadmap for the Development of the Freight Logistics Services Sector

Malaysia Freight Logistics: The Way Forward

Development of the Logistics Sector in the United States: Past, Present and Future

Past and Future Development of Logistics: A European Perspective

Insider’s Briefing: Entertainment and Media Sector in Los Angeles

Visa and immigration landscape in US

Innovation Led Economy: the Malaysian Experience

Secrets of Winning Brands

Demystifying and Monetizing the Cloud

Joint case studies with Microsoft

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