• Telekom Malaysia (TM) has signed a collaboration agreement with Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM) and VADS Bhd (VADS) for its BizApp Store.
• TM said the collaboration marked a key milestone for the company by bringing cloud services to Malaysian small and medium enterprises via collaboration with TeAM and supported by VADS’ platform.
• The TM BizApp Store is a self-service web portal that offers a wide range of business applications developed by international software companies and local independent software vendors (ISVs).
• All applications (apps) in the TM BizApp Store are industry-relevant for SMEs as they progress from a start-up phase to becoming a medium or large company.

Click HERE to see how this Market Access initiative on BizApp Store helps a web application developer

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Below is the speech of TeAM president Ir. Aziz Ismail during the MoU session.

Most companies in Malaysia are in the category of SMEs. In fact more than 99% of companies in Malaysia are SME. These companies are started and run by entrepreneurs that choose certain niches to provide products and services to other companies or to the consumers. SMEs play a crucial role in the development of the country and the people. They provide more than 55% of the employment in the country. Most big companies were SME when they started many years ago. They mostly started small, less than 5 staff and serve certain niches well and as a result become the big company they are now. Most will experience ups and downs and they learn how to stand up again after the fall.

The use of ICT is crucial to give the edge to these SMEs to be more successful. We believe without the use of ICT, our SMEs will be lost to their competitors locally and internationally. TeAM believes that it is crucial to focus our effort in helping the SMEs so that they become more successful, so that they provide more employment, so that they become the engine of growth for the country.

The cloud technology is growing tremendously in the developed country. The technology provides the edge to their companies to grow and penetrate the world market. The cloud technology gives the edge where the CEOs can get access to their company information from anywhere they are at anytime they need it. The cloud provides them with advanced technology yet at very affordable cost. Their company become more effective and their staffs become more efficient and highly productive.

This is where the collaboration between TeAM and TM and VADS will play a big role in helping the SMEs in Malaysia. TeAM members understand the need of the SMEs and we provide the right kind of solutions to them. The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) initiative by the Malaysian government have created thousands of Technopreneurs in Malaysia. They are involved in variety of ICT solutions either direct to consumers or to the SMEs or to large organisations and government. We will work with the ICT technopreneurs that provides solutions to the SMEs in order to continuously add more and more solutions in the package. When more SMEs become successful, we believe we have played our role.

We are honoured to work with TM and VADS in this initiative. We believe with the collaboration and close relationship we will make it a success. There are more than 500,000 SMEs out there that can benefit from this initiative. With the large number of distribution channel across the country, TM is in the right position to help the SMEs anywhere they are.

TeAM and the ISVs will work closely with TM and VADS in order to make this a reality. We understand the marketing of B2B products need more intimate approach. We understand that the SME CEOs need to face to face meeting and product education in order for them to start embracing the cloud solutions. We will work on education the SMEs on the solutions that will help them to be more successful. We will work together on this and move forward to show success.

Again, thank you to TM and VADS for the opportunity to serve the country and be one of the catalyst for the growth of the SMEs in Malaysia.

Thank you.

Ir Aziz Ismail
President TeAM

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