Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I join the Plugged-in Tour?

Click the “REGISTER NOW” button on the plugged-in Tour page on TeAM’s website. Following this application, TeAM’s selection panel will perform a shortlist based on application data as well market research on the applied companies. The shortlisted startups will then be invited for a business discussion with the panel at TeAM’s HQ. Finally, the shortlist is discussed with our partners to gauge interest and decide on the final startups we will bring in to the Plugged-In tour event.


Where can I find the application form?

Click the “REGISTER NOW” button to access the Plugged-In tour application form will appear in a new window.

Can I switch participants after submitting an initial online application?

Yes, you may switch the participants you would like to send. Kindly inform us at least 5 days prior to the event at

I am unable to pay the total price now. Can I pay the remaining amount later?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept partial payments but please let us know if you are facing this issue and we will do our best to help.

What if my company decides to withdraw from the event after submitting the application form?

Please let us know through email as soon as possible. This is important so TeAM does not waste time evaluating an application that is not active. This also gives a chance for another company to be selected for the event.

How do I make payment?

We accept standard banking methods such as cheque deposits, online bank transfer and Paypal (workable with international payments)

My business is not based in Asia. Can I still join the programme?

Yes, all businesses are welcome to participate regardless of background. However, our selection criteria is focussed on businesses that want to expand into ASEAN markets. Additionally, as per our terms and condition, only the BUDGET package may be selected by businesses outside of Asia.


What's the agenda like?

You can view a sample agenda Plugged-In Tour, here for Plugged-In Bangkok and here for Plugged-In Jakarta 3.0. The final agenda including investor meetings can only be released to confirmed, paid participants. This is upon the request of our partners who wish to be selectively anonymous.

How much will it cost?

The costs depend on what package that you selected, and which country you go to. Our Plugged-in Tour is priced according to 3 tiers. Firstly, the elite package which includes the hotel, ground transportation, events & activities, selected meals and flights. The premium package which includes the hotel, ground transportation, events & activities and selected meals. Finally, the budget package which includes ground transportation, events & activities and selected meals only. For the exact price you can find it here for Plugged-In Bangkok and here for Plugged-In Jakarta

Is it possible to get a discount?

This can be secured by selecting the early bird discount for all packages 10%. The second participant will get 20% discount. Grab it quickly! Limited time only!

Who will I meet during Plugged-In tour?

You can expect to meet leading venture capital firms, private and angel investors,  local startups, market leading startups, celebrity entrepreneurs.

Will I be able to take care of personal / business matters while on the tour?

We understand the need to take care of personal/business matters while on the tour. Therefore, we kindly request that you try to schedule these matters outside of the planned activities time to avoid missing out on crucial events.

What are the possibilities of securing investments during the tour?

You will be introduced to active investors who are also sent your profiles. However, as with any investor meeting, it is likely that actual investment, if any will only take place after the trip. This tour is to initiate and build the right relationships which you can develop further.

I want to keep in touch with the people I meet. What should I do?

We understand maintaining good relations with the right people is important. Therefore, we have allocated times for you to exchange business cards with the people you meet. So make sure you bring a box of your business cards.

How do I get more practical information about the trip?

If you are shortlisted, we will send you an offer letter alongside an infopack and trip itinerary.

If I tweet or upload photos, what tag should I use?


What is in it for you?

Foreign market networking with relevant local stakeholders, business feasibility and product-market fit discussions with Local-based experts, initiating partnership dialogues with business, funding or legal partners, media coverage of your participation.


What are the selection criteria for participation the programme?

Startups are selected based on a criterion which is set together with TeAM’s Local counterparts. Key assessment areas include business and revenue model, leadership profiles, traction and growth, product-market fit as well as overall readiness to enter the local market including knowledge on potential strategic partners.

I’m not looking for investments, rather clients and strategic partners. Can I still join the Tour?

Yes, you can. The core focus of this trip is on personalized networking to build the right relationships that can lead to investment but also partnerships and clients either directly or indirectly via introductions. It also is an opportunity to learn about the ASEAN market from leading VCs.


What industry should the participating company be operating in?

E-commerce, Logistics, Fintech, Mobile based, Web based, Payment, Advertising Tech, EduTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, CleanTech and much more industry.

I have an idea but not yet a registered business. Can I still join?

Yes, you may come on the trip. There are plenty of benefits in terms of business learnings. However, TeAM reserves the right to choose who is allowed and not allowed to pitch to investors according to their preferences. This is because some investors are looking for specific startups in terms of growth stage as well as industry verticals.


Can I arrive earlier or stay longer than the programme dates?

No, while we do understand the benefit of this option, our partner vendors secure cost effective flight tickets and hotel bookings based on batch bookings. However, TeAM will consider serious, important requests on a case by case basis, so do reach out to the team.

Will I be able to stay connected during the trip?

Yes, we make sure WiFi is available at the hotel and at all Plugged-in event locations where possible. Additionally, you will be assigned a Programme coordinator with a local sim-card for on the move communication.

Can I buy the basic or premium package and get free flights?

No, the free flights are only available for participants that have selected the elite package.


I still have questions. Where do I send them?

You can reach us through:

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