Dato’ Fadzli Shah Anuar

President Dato’ Fadzli Shah is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor passionate about web and mobile technologies. With two successful venture exits in Europe, he is an active proponent for localization and adaptations of successful business models into a Malaysian/Asian context. Upon returning to Malaysia, Dato’ Fadzli co-founded NEST in 2011, which went on to win the first season of MyEG’s Make the Pitch. Dato’ Fadzli is a Chartered Statistician and graduated from University College London, Harvard and London Business School. In his spare time, Dato’ Fadzli enjoys long walks on the beach as we as the trek through jungles, across rivers and over mountains to get to that beach!

Mr. Danni Rais

Deputy President I Danni Rais epitomises the old adage of being a jack of all trades, master of none. Fortunately this also allows him to pursue his many interests, all related to positive nation building for the betterment of tomorrow. A lawyer by training, he decided to go against the norm and climb the corporate ladder in one of Malaysia’s leading corporations, making him useful in the diverse field of business development. Any spare time he has is utilised for efforts in various NGO’s, notably ONE (Organisation for National Empowerment) of which he is the VP, and Small Changes, a charitable body. He believes that everyone plays a vital role in nation building, no matter the age, as such developments affects all. He is also of the view that a sound education system is the brick and mortar for any developing nation, and certainly cannot be taken lightly. As such, he heads the Education cluster under ONE, known as NEMO (National Education Monitoring Organisation), and as education must be viewed holistically both from an institutional and self educating point of view, the views of everyone matters, and the quality of our younger generation will be crucial to the betterment of Malaysia. His involvement with various youths has allowed him to press on the importance of having entrepreneurial spirit in each individual as a driving force in life.

Ms. Pial Khadilla Abdullah

Deputy President II A Business Admin graduate from the University of Bath, England, Pial stepped foot into the career of an entrepreneur 7 years ago when she decided to sell natural and handmade skincare in the UK and Malaysian markets. During her work with the Central Bank of Malaysia she realised she enjoyed teaching more than making and that’s when her self-branded company, Asia Essentials moved into trainings and workshops. She continued teaching the art of skincare formulation till she realised there was something missing and pursued coaching as a career, where she is now a Certified Health Coach (with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and has studied among others, under Gina DeVee, Marie Forleo, Jay Abraham, Keith Cunningham and Tony Robbins. Her curiosity over what makes businesses tick propelled her career into business teaching, coaching and consulting entrepreneurs to implement smart business strategies through impactful branding, effective marketing, creative sales and leadership. She no longer operates her natural skincare business but now runs her own coaching and consultancy practice under Pial Khadilla Ventures.

Mr. Mohd Reza Samsani

Honorary Secretary Mohd Reza Samsani graduated with an honors degree from the University of London in Economics and Management. He completed his ‘O’ Levels at Sayfol International School where he was the Vice President of the Student Council and Captain of the Sports Team and subsequently, pursued his ‘A’ Levels at Kemayan ATC. His work experience includes security management in the aviation sector, as an executive in the finance department of a multinational organization in visual communication products and as a consultant at an international accounting firm. Prior to EYE Project, he was previously an Analyst at VS Malaysia, where amongst others, he had served both local and regional businesses and government in advising areas for economic development. He has been a Convenor of Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM) since 2009 and continues to take interest in youth development in the country, which had led him to conceptualize and lead the EYE Project with Co-Founder, Chris Tock. As of 2015, he is serving as the Honorary Secretary for the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM). In his capacity as President of Empowering Youth (youth development NGO), he is currently leading an initiative to raise the level awareness and support on the subject of integrity amongst the youth in Malaysia.

Mr. Nik Harris Bin Nik Kamaruddin

Honorary Treasurer Nik Harris graduated in Accounting & Finance at Oxford Brookes University. Afterwards, he joined KPMG for 4 years in the audit department before embarking on an entrepreneurship journey. He was attached to a training company, Conseiller Consulting. He was in charged of coordinating training programmes in Sabah and Sarawak for 6 months. The objective was to alleviate low-income households from poverty and being able to generate income from their own business through employment, agricultural activities, entrepreneurship or services. It was from that experience, he co-founded MYSPORTS. MYSPORTS is a sports retailer that partners with local communities and assist them in setting up retail outlets, provide training in sales & marketing and also promoting local sports brands.

Mr. Clarence Chew Yin Yiaw

Council Member Clarence always had a passion for technology from a tender young age and pursued this passion at the University of Manchester (U.K) in Information Systems Engineering to graduate with Honours. Upon graduation, he later specialised in IT Security at Ernst & Young Singapore to provide banks and the government agencies with security solutions. Feeling held back by working in a corporate environment as it was unable to satisfy his hunger for creating innovative solutions using technology, Clarence started a tech company with trustworthy partners to bring Agile methodologies and best practices into the local scene from abroad. Over the course of his journey in Tinkerbox Studios, Clarence has collaborated, implemented and trained with more than 30 companies to understand the benefits of Agile methodologies and embracing techniques such as Lean UX and SCRUM to produce visible results. Covering almost 10 years of international technological experience, Clarence is presently spearheading the expansion of Tinkerbox Studios to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Forming an alliance with VLT Malaysia to craft a formidable force in Southeast Asia to produce greater services and products for the market. He enjoys being a part of tech community events in the region and preaches strongly about Agile Methodologies in both product management and product development. Clarence is a big believer in “baking a bigger pie” for everyone. He believes that by pushing the eco-system forward and modernising how we build our products, we will help develop stronger talent in the region to be great “inventors+innovators” that can build world class products and thus creating more jobs.

Mr. Izwan Ismail

Council Member Izwan Ismail graduated from Queensland University of Technology as an Industrial Designer. He then joined a European medical software company working on a multitude of amazing projects! He was also a part of the global UX team where they were UX designers from Belgium, Ukraine and Russia. After a couple of years working with a multinational company, he felt the need to grow faster and be a part of a community. He decided to join a Malaysian gamification startup as a senior UX Designer and later led a small team of designers and developers. He then left the startup to do some soul searching and venture on his own for a couple of months. He was a part of the winning team in the first Social Innovation Camp Asia that was held in Kuala Lumpur. He then founded UX Malaysia about 3 years ago, and leads the UX division at VLT Labs. VLT Labs is a startup studio based in Malaysia that partners with founders to build and innovate tech products such as Supahands , Scarlett of Soho , Major Drop and SmartGrow Izwan founded UX Malaysia a community concentrated on the growth and evangelism of User Experience in Malaysia. An Industrial Designer by training, his experience varies from product design to medical software design.

Ms. Koh Lee Ching

Council Member Ms Koh Lee Ching is a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering (B.Eng) from the renowned Imperial College, London and a serial Technopreneur with a few ventures under her belt. She founded Calms Technologies Sdn Bhd in 2002 and successfully secured venture capital fund as well as R&D grant that enabled the company to develop its main product that now becomes its core technology for smart card implementation. The company helps customers automate and improve their card issuance, usage and management processes and maximises the return of investment of their smart card deployment. As the CEO of the company she is now looking at steering the company to the next level as a global player. With the experience gained, she founded another venture based on her background as an engineer; Automated Design Xpress Sdn Bhd in 2007 with initial seed fund from the government to develop a web based solution for engineering workflow and process automation targeted at the manufacturing industry. Her latest venture is a biotechnology company, Agribolics Technology Sdn Bhd, started together with her scientist brother leveraging on his expertise in harnessing beneficial microorganisms to create effective, environment friendly and safe bioproducts for crop protection of rice, vegetables and oil palm trees. She is an active council member of the Technopreneur Association of Malaysia (TeAM) and was the President from 2009-2011. She has sat in various government grants evaluation and approval committees, invited as a member of the MSC Local Advisory Panel as well as the National IT Council (NITC) and National Innovation Council (NIC) chaired by the Prime Minister. She is also an IT sub-committee member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of KL & Selangor (KLSCCCI) and the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM). Koh Lee Ching believes in active participation within the entrepreneurship community to make a difference in improving the eco system and encourage more companies to start venturing into international market earlier.

Mr. Low Huoi Seong

Council Member Low Huoi Seong has over 26 years of experience in the content industry, having started Vision with his partner in 1985. Today the group is vertically integrated, from content development to production and distribution as well as licensing and merchandising. The production capabilities range from TV and film production to animation and games. Distribution is regional (clients being the major broadcasters in Asia) and the production partnerships global (working with partners in Australia, Europe and North America). Seong is passionate about doing things right and is always striving to build world-class capabilities in all aspects of his life. Apart from managing Vision New Media, he is often consulted about the Malaysian digital content industry, is currently a member of the Local Advisory Panel of MSC Malaysia, a member of the FINAS and TeAM boards and writes an occasional piece about the industry. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Human Physiology, 1978 (University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne), an M.Sc. in Management Science, 1979 (Imperial College, University of London) and an M.Sc. in Human & Applied Physiology, 1980 (King’s College, University of London). He is a member of YPO/WPO and was the Asia Pacific Regional Chairman in 2005/2006. He loves diving/underwater photography and is the National Instructor of the Malayan Sub Aqua Club (MSAC).

Dr. Sivapalan Vivekarajah

Council Member Dr. Siva comes from a diverse background of 30 years of regional entrepreneurship in manufacturing, corporate consulting, corporate finance, venture capital and Entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring in Asia. He holds a Ph.D in Venture Capital studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland; an MBA (with Distinction) from University of Hull, UK; an LLB (Hons) from University of London and is also a qualified Chartered Secretary. He is the Founder & Past President of TeAM. He was recently invited back to TeAM Council to set up TeAM Policy Institute and become its first Director. His main interest is in mentoring startup companies, venture capital finance, Angel investing and Entrepreneurship. He is currently a Partner and Co-Founder of Proficeo Consultants Sdn Bhd, an Entrepreneurial Coaching and Talent Development company entrusted with coaching 300 Entrepreneurs under a Ministry of Finance and Cradle Fund program called Coach & Grow. Dr. Siva is also a Co-Founder of AllStars Accelerator, a technology incubator that mentors Startup companies in the Information & Communications technology sector and is a mentor and investor in several Internet & ICT companies.

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