Nov 19


We had a good session at the launch of the survey on 12 November 2013. It was a small group but we had some good discussions.

Asohan from DNA was at the session & the article is already up. Check it out here.

Dr Siva also presented what else TeAM-PI had done hence the article.

Now is for the data collection part. Please complete the survey and invite other fellow entrepreneurs to do the same via FB, Twitter etc. The bigger the number of respondents, the better the study will be.

The link to do the survey is
or you can click on ” time for feedback” picture below.
Your feedback is much appreciated. Lets work together for a better future :-)


The comprehensive study of the VC Value Chain in Malaysia seeks to obtain information on the VC ecosystem that will help TeAM-PI and also relevant stakeholders, including the Government, to formulate policies and administrative procedures that improve the VC industry, provide additional and the right kind of funding to further energise the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia and to ensure that entrepreneurs have adequate financial support to build great companies.

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