Sep 13

Gathering The EVIDENCE by 20 Sept 2013

In order to support the opposition to Apple’s application to register the word “STARTUP” with MyIPO, TeAM needs to collect as many evidence possible to show the word is already used by any organisation prior to 2010 or it is currently too commonly used in the community.

Here is a guideline of the evidence we are collecting. The materials can be sent to or e-mail her for access to a Dropbox account for large size files.


1. For items that have some form of registration document like domain names, company names, etc , please provide the certificate or registration document in pdf format.

2. For brochures, handouts, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc to provide pdf or originals of the cover pages that show the use of the word “Startup”

3. For T-Shirts, banners, posters, etc to provide either photos or designs in pdf.

4. For directories, books, articles, magazines to provide the cover of the items and the pages on which the word Startup appears. For online articles a printout of the article with the header indicating the source will do.

5. For software & hardware manuals (for example where the word Startup is used like “startup your machine, startup your software”) to provide the cover of the manuals and the pages on which the word startup appears.

6. For boxes or packaging especially for hardware & software where the word Startup is used to provide pictures, designs or pdf of the packaging with the word Startup indicated.

7. For hardware, where the word Startup is used even if its only a sticker, to provide pictures.

8. For software, where the word Startup is used in the code, to provide a printout of the codes where the word appears and also a pdf or photo of the box or packaging for the software as well as the cover of the manual.

9. If the word Startup is used in the retail sector or in shops, to take a photo of the shop and the section where it appears with the word Startup shown in the photo.

10. For all other instances where it appears, to provide evidence in the best format possible (pdf, photo, document, etc) as long as the word Startup is shown.

11. The word “Startup” can be in any font, colour,  text, capitalised or otherwise.

12. Finally, for all evidence please indicate the date when the word Startup was used in each instance. It can be anytime from 1990 to 2013.


We seek the support from everyone , private and public agencies alike.

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