It is the dream of every entrepreneur to be acquired by a giant foreign entity, and better still if you still have control of your company.
It is also a dream to be a global player in a sophisticated industry and a World Class company, recognised the world over as a leader in its class.
This can only be topped by being recognised as the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.

Our guest is the founder of InControl-Tech, a specialist in process control and communications systems that provides the Control and Communications Systems for the SMART Tunnel, one of the longest multi-purpose tunnels in the world and an engineering marvel of its own. The company is a world leader in control systems and has projects all over the world and is the largest energy and automation engineering firm in South East Asia.

Started as a joint venture with an Austrian company, the CEO of Incontrol-Tech did a Management Buy Out (MBO) to make InControl-Tech a fully Malaysian business. Recently its entire share capital was acquired by PSI AG, a Berlin-based company listed on the German Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of RM800 million.

Come and learn about his experience and entrepreneurial journey especially about:

a)    Building a world class company,
b)    Doing businesses in Asia & Europe,
c)    Successfully doing a MBO and
d)    Being acquired by the biggest software company in its industry.

Additionally, our guest is not only a successful entrepreneur but also contributes to society by being actively involved in community work.

We are pleased that this extraordinary Entrepreneur and founder of iTEC Harvinder Singh, has agreed to share his experience with us. Click HERE for his profile.

Harvinder is also the winner of the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2008.

Other than the sharing session, we are doing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing with SoftSolvers. SoftSolvers will join us as a preferred partner on our reference panel of service providers, especially for automated systems in the area of Sales, Marketing and Customer support. They are one of the CCAM finalists, and listed on E27 as Top 50 Apps in Asia.

We are also inviting members from Malaysia South-South Association (MASSA) to join us at this event. MASSA aims to promote bilateral trade and investment ties with South-South countries, by serving as a platform and link between the Malaysian business community and the South countries. Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet and network with many new people in a different industry.

Date : 21st September 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 06.15 pm – 08.00 pm
Venue : PappaRich Bangsar
(Right across Bangsar Village II)
No 2, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Participating Fee : RM30.00 for public; RM15.00 for paid TeAM or MASSA members
Food and drink included. Early bird special of RM25.00 if you pay online by 17 September 2010!



Click this link or cut & paste this link into your browser:

Please contact the following people for inquiry or to check your membership status:
Wing Yew at for TeAM
Su Fun at or 03-2078 3788 for MASSA

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Story Teller Profile

Harvinder Singh
Managing Director

Objective My objectives are to develop a world-class engineering company. My method of doing this are by

  1. Continuously upgrading my personal skills
  2. Building teams of successful individuals
  3. Having excellent network’s of business contacts
  4. Making sure that every order becomes the reference for the next
  5. Strategic alliances with partners
Social Responsibilities
Founding member of the Sri Dasmesh Pipes and Drums Band (also known as the Malaysian Sikh Band). This band consists of about 50 youth members that are trained every weekend. The band has been in existence since 1988.

I continue to be the Senior Pipe Major and an active piper in the band.

Founding member of the Sri Dasmesh School. This school was established as a non-profit private school teaching the standard KBSR/KBSM curriculum based on the Malaysia Ministry of Education requirements. The mission of the school was to be school of excellence, providing the highest possible value of education with the development of the children as the only motive, thus no profit.

International motivational trainer for youth.

Love for contemporary and religious music

Tsunami Relieve Operation in Aceh


Winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 Award under Technical Category.


MASSA – Malaysia South-South Association

Bridging the South-South

The Malaysia South-South Association was formed in 1991.  MASSA’s existence evolved from the fact that Malaysian industries, manufacturers and service-oriented businesses should explore the potential of the developing or South-South nations that could offer vast opportunities for trade and investment.  In order to achieve this, the Malaysian Government, under the concept of “Malaysia Incorporated” has been very supportive of the initiatives of MASSA in enabling its members to avail themselves of the opportunities for the establishment of business linkages and presence in the South-South countries by providing the mechanism and framework to bolster the confidence of Malaysian entrepreneurs to undertake businesses in these emerging market economies.

MASSA aims to promote bilateral trade and investment ties with South-South countries, by serving as a platform and link between the Malaysian business community and the South countries.  Specifically, its roles are:

  • To promote and enhance members’ knowledge and understanding on economic, trade and investment policies and conditions of the South-South countries;
  • To act as an informal liaison body between the private sector and the Government pertaining to economic matters in the promotion of trade and investment;
  • To provide a forum for the dissemination of ideas, discussions and dialogues in relation to trade, economy and culture;
  • To enhance trade and investment relations and to foster friendship and co-operation among the members.



MASSA’s objectives are carried out through various activities, i.e.

  • Business forums/dialogue sessions between MASSA members and visiting delegations from the South-South nations;
  • Fact-finding, trade and investment missions to South-South countries;
  • Participate in fact-finding, trade and investment missions as well as appropriate international exhibitions;
  • Organise seminars and briefing sessions for members on relevant issues for its members;
  • Serve as a resource on economic information on trade and investment opportunities in South-South countries.


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Here are the video recordings of the entire event!

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