1)Are you searching for potential clients?
2)Are you looking to hire some fresh talents?
3)Are you looking to expand your network circle?

If you answered YES, then the Business Matching platform can help.
In Socialwalk, you are able to view the profiles of registered members of TeAM.
We will then send notification emails and SMS to your target notifying him/her of your request!

Sounds simple? Sounds convenient? To optimize your business matching experience in Socialwalk, we have included a simple guide in this email on “How to use Business Matching

Step 1: Register for Business Matching

Step 2: Find someone right for you (click & view their profiles)

Step 3: Arrange for a Meeting

Step 4: Once your request has been approved, you just need to turn up at the meeting location at the right time. We will send you an SMS reminder to remind you.

Step 5: In case you want to re-schedule your meeting, you can follow the tutorial video below

Remember! Other people might be looking for you too, so make sure to fill up your profile!
Click on the link “my profile” in Socialwalk.

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