MSC Malaysia Innovation Voucher programme (herein referred as “Programme”) aims to increase collaboration between Malaysia’s public and private Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) / Research Institutions (RIs) / approved Research and Innovation entities with MSC Malaysia Status Companies, towards creating a cultural shift in the business community’s approach to innovation.

The Programme is designed to meet the following key objectives:
1. To increase the number of collaborations in research and innovation between MSC Malaysia companies and Service Provider.
2. To increase the number of innovative proof-of-concepts (POCs), products, services and solutions from MSC Malaysia. Potentially, it will lead to the increase in technology commercialisation and sales growth of the companies.
3. To increase the number of IP (intellectual property) creation.
4. To support the development and strengthening of triple helix model fundamental to National Innovation, contributing to national competitiveness.

As the Programme adopts open innovation, it allows companies:
1. To concentrate on running their business while the Service Provider deliver the product or solution that could take their business to the next level
2. To shorten time-to-market for new products and services
3. To improve their technological and innovation capability resulting from the technology transfer from Service Provider to the companies
4. To Increase R&D&Innovation collaboration between companies and Service Provider
5. To tap into subject matter experts which may reside outside of the company

Application opening date: 5th May 2011
Application closing date: 4th August 2011
Click HERE to download the Innovation Voucher Application Form

Please contact the following person for more info:
Thelagavathi Atikan
DID: +603-8314 1842

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