Doing Things Lean series is our structured way of delivering sharing sessions and courses which you can apply in growing your business. There will be a new topic every month for five months, in a mixture of discussion panel and training course format.

Seeing the dwindling financial assistance, especially grants, from the various government agencies in Malaysia beginning year 2011 forward, Technopreneurs need to optimise every bit of resources available. Whether you are expanding your business with a new offering, or starting up a business, from building your presence, finding your customer and to convert them more efficiently, this Doing Things Lean series cover the tools available throughout the process.

The Lean Startup methodology is achieved by utilising the tools available while deploying your product to the market. This methodology is now being employed widely by both early stage Startups and investors, as a method of risk assessment and investment evaluation. Most of these tools are not new invention, and are included along the Doing Things Lean process in a structured manner.

Why should you participate, and what is the benefit?
More efficient cost and shorter time frame in growing your business. The adoption of this methodology might even give you an edge while approaching investor. If you are trying to build or spinoff a small projects into full fledged companies, incrementally, with little external capital, this will be a perfect series for you.

Doing Things Lean series schedule

Founders dating – Attracting team mate and build the business together
(A forum featuring and
Building your web marketing presence as a plan to test product & market fit
(1-day training course)
Customer discovery and efficient lead generation (Discussion panel)
Refining your sales methodology for more efficient commercialisation and conversion of your product
Scaling your business (Discussion panel)



Doing Things Lean series


Founders Dating – Attracting team mate and build the business together


(A forum featuring and


Event postponed
Plug & Play Technology Gardens, Level 7, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley

In the book Good to Great by Jim Collins, “the right people are your most important asset”. According to Jim Collins, “first who, then what”. We borrow his phrase, and kick start our Doing Things Lean series with Founders Dating.

Many companies run in a team, in the form of co-founder, in-house or outsource partner, or a pool of employees. Whether you are expanding your product line, or creating a new Startup, the “first who” factor is critical. Additional people are usually required to spearhead this new product offering.

How would you like it, if there is a step-by-step approach in finding the right one? Does such a structure ever exist? How about us creating this platform for you to source for your right founder?

Come join the discussion panel, featuring Michael Leow from and Premesh Chandran from Both of these companies have founders with business and technology background respectively. Learn from them their journey of attracting and discovering their founder and respective team mates, to maintaining and growing the team till today.

Participating Fee: RM30.00 for public; RM15.00 for paid TeAM members. Light refreshment included.


Speaker Profile


Premesh Chandran

CEO of

Premesh Chandran is a human rights activist and a writer who co-founded, in 1999. Now the leading online publication in Malaysia, the site reaches over 300,000 readers per day in four languages (English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil). Chandran is also the founder of Malaysiakini’s non-profit training organization, the Southeast Asian Centre for E-media.

The site has won numerous awards including being listed in Asiaweek’s Asia’s 50 Most Powerful Communicators. He has also advised and consulted on a number online web projects both locally and internationally. His strength comes from a deep understanding of the three key areas of online content – the editorial process and presentation, content management systems and the business of content.

Premesh graduated in Physics and holds a Masters in International Studies from the University of Sydney.


Michael Leow

Co-founder and IT Manager of

Michael is one of the founders of, launched in February 2009. is currently one of Malaysia’s largest FREE Car Classifieds, and the site has a pool of 30,000 fresh car listings and has reach of over 1000 used car dealers in its network.

The site is an industry leader in retaining audiences’ attention and in its ability reach “ready-to-buy” users. In addition, is a recent recipient of Cradle’s CIP 500 grant.

While not working, Michael is busy playing with and contributing to Free and Open Source Software; and is a passionate advocate of it.

Prior to starting, Michael was attached with IBM Malaysia; enabling IBM Business Partners in the Asia Pacific region.

Michael graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette with a BSc. in Computer Engineering

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