Recruiting participants

We are working on a cloud computing project, and are looking for participation. The purpose of this project is to assist TeAM members who would like to push their platform to the cloud. All together we are looking for 10 participants.

In terms of support, TeAM will sponsor RM20,000 for each participating company in carrying out this project. Participants are required to finish the cloud transition within 6 months, and thereafter allow free 12-months access to at least 50 users to be nominated by TeAM. Participants who need technical assistant in cloud computing can get help from our pre-selected consultants, who will charge a fee of RM700/day. Those who do not participate in this program can also utilize this service.

Application will be closed in 14 days from this e-mail for decision by committee

Come join us if you are interested, by providing the info below and email to

Company name and address:
Contact name and info:
Product info which you are pushing to cloud:

Further inquiry please contact Ir Aziz Ismail at or Wing Yew at

    Recruiting consultants

As we are rolling out the cloud computing project, we are recruiting consultants who would like to provide their service to TeAM members. The fee we have set for our members is RM700/day, and all of this goes to the consultant.

For those who would like to participate please send over your credential(s) to Further inquiry please contact Ir Aziz Ismail at or Wing Yew at

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